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August 10, 2019
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Superior Essay Writers | Academic Research Presentation

Module 5 requires you to share the goals, findings, achievements, and conclusions of your capstone project by preparing and delivering an oral presentation. You will offer feedback on your classmates’ presentations; you will also incorporate classmates’ feedback for updates or revisions of your own presentation before submitting for grading in Module 6.

Module 5 covers the following topics:

● Delivery techniques for an effective presentation (e.g. posture, gesture, eye contact, vocal expressiveness, language choices)
● Use of visual aids for a presentation (e.g. examples, statistics, quotations) to establish credibility

After successfully completing Module 5, you should be able to:

MO 5.1 Organize a presentation with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion as well as effective

MO 5.2 Deliver a presentation using appropriate delivery techniques.

MO 5.3 Present the research and convey the significance of the study in a polished, informative, and
visually interesting manner.

Course objectives covered in this module include CO 2, CO 3, CO 4

Textbook Readings
● Read Chapters 13 and 18 in Lester and Lester, Writing Research Papers.

Additional Material
● Research Guides (University of Southern California Library)
○ Giving an Oral Presentation

Module 5 has one activity. You must also complete and submit the ETS Major Field Test or Written Communication Assessment. Please consult the Course Calendar for the due dates.

Discussion Forum 5 (Oral Presentation)
In Discussion Forum 5, post your response to the following discussion question. Reply to at least two classmates’ responses by the date indicated in the Course Calendar.

Develop a recorded video presentation (8 to 10 minutes) on the goals, achievements, and conclusions of the capstone project. Be sure to indicate interpretations of your findings including a full analysis and what you learned when completing this project. Upload and post your video by the beginning of Week 10, allowing classmates the opportunity to view and comment on your work throughout Weeks 10 and 11. [MO 5.1, MO 5.2, MO 5.3]

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